Mieko Hirota

Mieko Hirota | 弘田 三枝子 | ヒロタ ミエコ | ひろた みえこ

Name in Japanese: 弘田 三枝子, ヒロタ ミエコ, ひろた みえこ

Birth name: Mieko Takagi ( 高木 三枝子)

AKA: Mico, Miko

Instruments: Vocals

Born: February 5, 1947 (age 72)

Years Active: 1961 - Present

Mieko Hirota is a Japanese popular singer. Her nickname is Mico (also spelled Miko).  Hirota was born in Setagaya, Tokyo. She grew up listening to pops and jazz in places like Tachikawa frequented by Occupation troops. She made her debut in 1961 at age 14. In 1965, Mico became the first Japanese singer to appear at the Newport Jazz Festival.  Mico appeared on the NHK New Year's Eve Kōhaku Uta Gassen spectacular eight times. Her first performance was in 1962, when she sang the Connie...

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弘田三枝子 Hirota Mieko 私のベイビー Be my baby


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