Mescaline Drive

Mescaline Drive | メスカリン・ドライヴ

Name in Japanese: メスカリン・ドライヴ

Years Active: 1984 - 1993

Osaka psychedelic/garage pioneers Mescaline Drive, formed in 1982, was the predecessor of the more widely known Soul Flower Union.  The band, all women, got together when guitarist Hideko Itami, bassist Kate, and bilingual vocalist Yoko Utsumi met at the end of 1984.  At the time, the band's sound was heavily informed by glam rock like T-Rex and New York Dolls, but Itami gradually steered Mescaline Drive in the direction of New York punk and 60s garage and psychedelic.  At odds...

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Mescalin Drive - No! No! Girls


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