Maia Hirasawa

Maia Hirasawa | ヒラサワ マイア | ひらさわ まいあ

Name in Japanese: ヒラサワ マイア, ひらさわ まいあ

Instruments: Vocals

Born: January 1, 1980 (age 38)

Years Active: 2007 - Present

 Maia Hirasawa was born in stockholm Sweden, her father is Japanese, and mother is Swedish. In 2007 she made her debut with the album "Though, I'm Just Me" was acclaimed as Gold Disk in Sweden. Soon with her characteristic voice and charismatic personality attracted public attention.  2008 She won "Best newcomer" at P3 Guld, and released 2nd album "GBGVSSTHLM" in 2009, made another release EP "DROM BORT MIG IGEN". ...

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‪Maia Hirasawa (featuring toe) - "Here I Am"‬‏ - YouTube


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