Mai | 舞 | まい

Name in Japanese: 舞, まい

Birth name: Mai Kudo ( 工藤 舞)

AKA: Ruppina (Originally debuted)

Instruments: Vocals

Born: July 18, 1984 (age 35)

Years Active: 2002 - Present

 Mai is pop singer form Hokkaido, Japan. On December 2002, she debuted as Ruppina, for the anime One Piece 9th ending theme "Free Will", although she only officially debuted as Ruppina on January 2003. On August 2004, she released her final single under name Ruppina called "in the name of love".


On December 2005, she released the music video "Reborn" under a brand new name, Mai. It was used as the closing theme song of the show Hey! Hey!...

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工藤 舞 Maiself ボディペインティング (PV)


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