Luna Sea

Luna Sea | ルナシー | るなしー

Name in Japanese: ルナシー, るなしー

Years Active: 1989 - 2000; 2007 - Present

Members: J, Inoran, Shinya, Sugizo, Ryuichi

Luna Sea was one of the biggest ever "visual kei" bands, active between 1989 and 2000. The band first formed in May 1989 as Lunacy but changed their name to Luna Sea in November 1990. The band played in and around Tokyo and built up a substantial following. Their debut album Luna Sea was released in April 1991 on Extasy Records, an indie label owned by X band leader Yoshiki, who also produced the album. The band tour nationally almost non-stop and by year's end were playing halls rather...

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LUNA SEA "The End of the Dream" (Short Ver.) - YouTube

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