Luminous Orange

Luminous Orange | ルミナスオレンジ | るみなすおれんじ

Name in Japanese: ルミナスオレンジ, るみなすおれんじ

Years Active: 1992 - Present

Few bands in Japan or elsewhere can match the sensual sonic assault of shoegazing noise band Luminous Orange. Founded in Yokohama in 1992 by vocalist/guitarist Rie Takeuchi, the band is essentially a vehicle for her musical vision. While the Luminous Orange sound owes an obvious debt to British guitar bands like My Bloody Valentine and Pale Saints, chops, masterful songcraft, and a perfectionist approach in the studio keep the songs from being mere genre exercises. Takeuchi's fey vocals, sung...

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虹色フラワー - ヒトリヒカリノ


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