Love Tambourines

Love Tambourines | ラヴ・タンバリンズ | らぶ・たんばりんず

Name in Japanese: ラヴ・タンバリンズ, らぶ・たんばりんず

Formed in 1991 and active at the peak of Shibuya-kei's popularity, Love Tambourines mixed the sexed up appeal of vocalist Ellie with smooth R&B grooves during a short but exhilarating ride. After gigging for several years, primarily in the fertile Shimokitazawa scene, the five member group signed with indie label Crue-L and released their first single, "Cherish our Love", in 1993. The band went on to release three more singles of original music, along with several remixes and compilation...

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Midnight Parade


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