Kyono | キョーノ | きょーの

Name in Japanese: キョーノ, きょーの

Birth name: Hiroshi Kyono ( 清野 裕司, キヨノ ヒロシ, きよの ひろし)

Instruments: Vocals

Born: March 31, 1969 (age 49)

Member: The Mad Capsule Markets

Hiroshi Kyono is the vocalist for The Mad Capsule Markets.  Kyono claims that in his earlier years he was an MTV junky, in high school he started listening to Japanese punk like Gauze, The Stalin, Inu, and Aburadako. Then he ventured out into overseas punk like Crass and Pop Group. Kyono's also states that the first record that he bought wasn't very 'punk inspired' as it was Electric Light Orchestra's Secret Messages. In 1985 he started the Boowy inspired punk group Berrie with his high school...

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