Koshi Inaba

Koshi Inaba | 稲葉 浩志 | イナバ コウシ | いなば こうし

Name in Japanese: 稲葉 浩志, イナバ コウシ, いなば こうし

Instruments: Vocals

Born: September 23, 1964 (age 54)

Member: B'Z

Koshi Inaba, born Hiroshi Inaba, is the vocalist and lyricist for the Japanese hard rock band, B'Z.  Before becoming a rock star, Inaba graduated from the Faculty of Education at the Yokohama National University, and has a degree in mathematics. B'Z eponymous first album was released in 1988, and Inaba started his solo career in 1997 with Magma. Whereas B'Z songs are composed by Tak, Koshi has composed songs for his own solo albums.  His musical influences are Deep Purple, Led...

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