Kiyoshiro Imawano

Kiyoshiro  Imawano | 忌野 清志郎 | イマワノ キヨシロウ | いまわの きよしろう

Name in Japanese: 忌野 清志郎, イマワノ キヨシロウ, いまわの きよしろう

Birth name: Kiyoshi Kurihara ( 栗原 清志, クリハラ キヨシ, くりはら きよし)

Instruments: Vocals, Guitar

Born: April 2, 1951

Died: May 2, 2009

Years Active: 1969 - 2009

Member: RC Succession

Known as "King of Rock", and sometimes "King of Live (performance)", Kiyoshiro Imawano was one of the Japan music scene's most revered and prolific figures for forty years, working across a wide range of disciplines including lyricist, composer, and producer, band member, and actor. Born in Tokyo in 1951, Imawano formed the band RC Succession in 1968 with some of his junior high school classmates, debuting in 1970 with the song "Takarakuji wa Kawanai." Over the years,...

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soul of Donto 2006 kiyoshiro Imawano 忌野清志郎


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