Kishidan | 氣志團 | キシダン | きしだん

Name in Japanese: 氣志團, キシダン, きしだん

Years Active: 1996 - Present

Members: Show Ayanocozey

At first glance, Kishidan looks like a mutated Japanese version of the Leningrad Cowboys, what with their ridiculous gravity-defying pompadours, dark shades and quasi-military getups. Like the Cowboys, Kishidan is a very visual, theatrical band, with a kinetic, choreographed stage show, and they also like playing loud, unsubtle rock 'n' roll. But while the Cowboys lay it on thick with the kitsch/parody, it's hard to tell with Kishidan - these guys just might be serious. Kishidan's home base is...

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沢尻エリカ 氣志團 SECRET LOVE STORY PV(Erika Sawajiri)


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