Karia Nomoto

Karia Nomoto | 野本 かりあ | ノモト カリア | のもと かりあ

Name in Japanese: 野本 かりあ, ノモト カリア, のもと かりあ

Instruments: Vocals

Years Active: 2001 - Present

With her straight bangs, sixties style minidresses, and a repertoire loaded with French pop, bossa nova, and adventurous sampling, Karia Nomoto bears more than a passing resemblance to Maki Nomiya. So it shouldn't come as any surprise that she is signed to Readymade Records, the hyper-fashionable label helmed by ex- Pizzicato Five mastermind Yasuharu Konishi. Marketed more as Konishi's protege than as a standalone act, Nomoto bears all the hallmarks of a Konishi girl - sweet voice, twiggy legs,...

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Nomoto Karia - Freedom Street Afternoon


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