Kaname Kawabata

Kaname Kawabata | 要 川畑 | カワバタ カナメ | かわばた かなめ

Name in Japanese: 要 川畑, カワバタ カナメ, かわばた かなめ

Birth name: Kaname Kawabata ( 要 川畑)

Instruments: Vocals

Born: January 28, 1979 (age 38)

Years Active: 2001 - Present


  • Kawabata Kaname (川畑要) is a Japanese pop-R&B singer and member of CHEMISTRY (ケミストリー) with his partner Dochin Yoshikuni (堂珍嘉邦 born November 17, 1978). They were the winners of the Asayan audition (similar to the American Idol series) in 2000 organized by Sony Music Entertainment Japan.
  • On March 6, 2008, Kaname Kawabata married model Miki Takahashi. They met after she appeared in the PV for "This Night".
  • Kawabata made... read more

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【CHEMISTRY】川畑要がおぎやはぎ小木とコラボした曲が爆笑!! - YouTube


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