Janne Da Arc

Janne Da Arc | ジャンヌダルク | じゃんぬだるく

Name in Japanese: ジャンヌダルク, じゃんぬだるく

AKA: JDA, Janne, ジャンヌ

Years Active: 1989 - 2007

Members: yasu, ka-yu

 Janne Da Arc is currently signed on the motorod record label, a subsidiary of avex trax. They have released three indies albums, nine major-label albums (including single collections), 26 singles, and 14 DVDs. On May 9, 2006, they celebrated their tenth anniversary of their formation, the date marking when the final member, shuji, became an official fixture of the band's lineup. The band was not named after historical figure Joan of Arc, despite their song "Kyuuseishu --Messiah--"...

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Janne Da Arc- DOLLS PV


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