Ishigaki | イシガキ | いしがき

Name in Japanese: イシガキ, いしがき

Birth name: Ai Ishigaki ( 石垣 愛, イシガキ アイ, いしがき あい)

Instruments: Guitar

Born: December 25, 1970 (age 47)

Member: The Mad Capsule Markets

Ai Ishigaki (also known as 'ISHIG∀KI' born 25 December , 1970) was the support guitarist for The Mad Capsule Markets from 1990 to 1996. He got the job as support guitarist after being a roadie for MCM in the Berrie days. Ishigaki debuted on their Thrash-Punk album P.O.P and later became the more well known guitarist because he could bring a softer, more experimental acoustic element to their later releases. Ishigaki left the band in 1996, it was stated that the harder direction on 4 Plugs...

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