Gutevolk | グーテフォルク | ぐーてふぉるく

Name in Japanese: グーテフォルク, ぐーてふぉるく

Birth name: Hirono Nishiyama ( 西山 豊乃, ニシヤマ ヒロノ, にしやま ひろの)

Gutevolk is the solo project of singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Hirono Nishiyama. Gutevolk's music, generally accompanied by Nishiyama's whispery, childlike vocals, is a mix of ambient electronica alt.folk with subtle hints of jazz and pure pop. Heavily influenced by the pioneering DJ and musician Nobukazu Takemura, Nishiyama shares with him an ability to mix beats, textures, found sounds, and simple melodies into something simultaneously electronic and organic, playful and dark....

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