Emi Necozawa

Emi Necozawa | 猫沢 エミ | ネコザワ エミ | ねこざわ えみ

Name in Japanese: 猫沢 エミ, ネコザワ エミ, ねこざわ えみ

Born: April 14, 1970 (age 49)

Like Maki Nomiya, Karia Nomoto, Kahimi Karie, and other artists heavily influenced by the collision of French pop, fashion, and other continental touchstones, singer/songwriter Emi Necozawa has crafted a distinctive image based on these reference points that plays just as large a role in attracting fans as Does her music. After graduating from college with a degree in percussion, Necozawa worked with several bands as a percussionist and backing vocalist. In 1996, she released Moeru Gomi no...

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