DEPAPEPE | デパペペ | でぱぺぺ

Name in Japanese: デパペペ, でぱぺぺ

Years Active: 2002 - Present

Members: Yoshinari Tokuoka, Takuya Miura

  • DEPAPEPE (デパペペ), is a music group originating from Japan. The acoustic guitar duo is composed of Miura Takuya (三浦拓也 born 5 April 1983) and Tokuoka Yoshinari (徳岡慶也 born on 15 July 1977), who formed in 2002.
  • They made their major debut in 2005 with their album “Let’s Go!!!”, which generated sales figures of about 100,000 and ranked within the top 10 of Oricon’s Instrumental... read more
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depapepe いい日だったね - YouTube


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