Cornelius | コーネリアス | こーねりあす

Name in Japanese: コーネリアス, こーねりあす

Birth name: Keigo Oyamada ( 小山田 圭吾, オヤマダ ケイゴ, おやまだ けいご)

Instruments: Vocals, Guitar

Born: January 27, 1969 (age 52)

Years Active: 1988 - Present

One of the few Japanese artists to make a significant impact overseas, Keigo Oyamada (a.k.a. Cornelius) has played a leading role in the development of Japanese music, art, and fashion since the early 1990s. Oyamada started his professional music career in the late 1980s when he was still in high school as guitarist for the short lived Lollypop Sonic, which also featured Kenji Ozawa (nephew of conductor Seiji Ozawa). The band soon changed its name to Flipper's Guitar. Comprising Oyamada, Ozawa,...

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