Chihiro Onitsuka

Chihiro Onitsuka | 鬼束 ちひろ | オニツカ チヒロ | おにつか ちひろ

Name in Japanese: 鬼束 ちひろ, オニツカ チヒロ, おにつか ちひろ

AKA: Chii-chan, Oni

Born: October 30, 1980 (age 40)

Years Active: 2000 - 2004; 2007 - Present

Employing a mix of folk rock and heartfelt ballads in her guitar and vocal driven delivery, Chihiro Onitsuka fits into the singer/songwriter category of artist. Growing up on the island of Kyushu, south of Japan's main island Honshu, Onitsuka was raised listening to pure American pop like The Carpenters and Carole King. Influenced in high school by the American artist Jewel, with whom she shares several stylistic tendencies, she began writing and performing her own music at that time. After...

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Onitsuka Chihiro鬼束千尋- Gekkou月光 (PV)


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