Chage and Aska

Chage and Aska | チャゲ アンド アスカ | ちゃげ あんど あすか

Name in Japanese: チャゲ アンド アスカ, ちゃげ あんど あすか

AKA: Chage Asu, C&A

Years Active: 1979 - Present

Chage and Aska were THE J-pop success story in the late '80s and early '90s. The two natives of Fukuoka Prefecture first came to the public's attention by winning the 1979 Yamaha Popular Song Festival, which over the years has served as the launching pad for several big-name J-pop acts, with the single "Hitori Saki (One Bloom)". The duo released that song as their first single the same year, and in through the '0s they gradually developed into one of the biggest acts on the J-pop scene...

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