Captain Funk

Captain Funk | キャプテンファンク | きゃぷてんふぁんく

Name in Japanese: キャプテンファンク, きゃぷてんふぁんく

Birth name: Oe Tatsuya

Years Active: 1998 - Present

It may be a facile and vaguely condescending comparison, but calling Captain Funk the Japanese Fat Boy Slim isn't too far off the mark. Like the British DJ/producer, Captain Funk (real name: Tatsuya Oe) made his name by creating infectiously catchy, genre-busting big-beat dance tracks. Oe, who was born in 1969, started out as a guitarist before becoming a full-time producer/DJ on the Tokyo club scene. Like Ken Ishii, Oe's first release was on an overseas label, in his case two 12-inch singles...

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Captain Funk "Boogie Electricland" Live


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