Capsule | カプセル | かぷせる

Name in Japanese: カプセル, かぷせる

Years Active: 1997 - Present

Members: Toshiko Kojishima, Yasutaka Nakata

More of a lifestyle accoutrement than a band, Capsule creates music to complement the Eames chair in your corner and the Motherwell on your wall. The brainchild of composer, lyricist, designer, cinematographer, art director Yasutaka Nakata, and featuring charming vocalist Toshiko Koshijima, Capsule's music is cute, stylish, and all 21st century modern. Like Pizzicato Five, their most obvious influence, Capsule references bossa nova, sampler pop, house, jazz, and of course French pops. After...

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Capsule - Plastic Girl

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