Bleach | ブリーチ | ぶりーち

Name in Japanese: ブリーチ, ぶりーち

AKA: Bleachmobile, Bleach03

Years Active: 1998 - Present

Members: Sayuri, Shuku-suke, Kanna

Bleach are self-described as "three Japanese girls from Okinawa young and small but they make a very large explosive roar". The band consists of Kanna on guitar and vocal, Shuku-Suke on bass and Sayuri on drums. Kanna is the band's main lyricist, and is almost always photographed wearing a knit hat, which is puzzling given that she is from the notoriously warm island of Okinawa. The band is proudly from Okinawa, which historically has not always been part of Japan, and has its own distinct...

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BLEACH / ジョヴォビッチ


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