Blankey Jet City

Blankey Jet City | ブランキー・ジェット・シティ | ぶらんきー・じぇっと・してぃ

Name in Japanese: ブランキー・ジェット・シティ, ぶらんきー・じぇっと・してぃ

Years Active: 1990 - 2000

Members: Tatsuya Nakamura, Toshiyuki Terui, Kenichi Asai

Back in the mid-'80s the J-pop scene experienced what was known as the "band boom." This trend was triggered by a late-night TV show called Ikaten, which featured live performances by amateur bands eager to make it big. Most of the bands that appeared on Ikaten have faded into obscurity, but a few went on to fame and fortune. One of them was Blankey Jet City, a hard-rock trio that had been paying its dues on the Tokyo live-house circuit. BJC suddenly found themselves to...

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Blankey Jet City - Sweet Days

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