Ayaka Hirahara

Ayaka Hirahara | 平原 綾香 | ヒラハラ アヤカ | ひらはら あやか

Name in Japanese: 平原 綾香, ヒラハラ アヤカ, ひらはら あやか

Instruments: Vocals, Saxophone

Born: May 9, 1984 (age 33)

Years Active: 2003 - Present

One of the most talented new artists on the Japanese pop music scene is female singer ayaka Hirahara, who made an incredible debut in December 2003 with the single "Jupiter." Taking its melody from the "Jupiter" section of Gustav Holst's The Planets, the song sold steadily over several months and was the No. 3 single on Oricon's 2004 yearend chart. As of May 30, 2005, "Jupiter" had been on Oricon's top 100 singles chart for 75 weeks. Hirahara was born in Tokyo...

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Ayaka Hirahara - Jupiter


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