Audio Active

Audio Active | オーディオ・アクティブ | おーでぃお・あくてぃぶ

Name in Japanese: オーディオ・アクティブ, おーでぃお・あくてぃぶ

Years Active: 1987 - Present

Audio Active's shimmering brew of dub reggae and club music influences, has created fans all over the world, while at home in Japan establishing out a solid if non-mainstream following. The band have amongst their influences, Jimi Hendrix, Sun Ra, Fela Kuti and Lee Perry, and use imagery of altered states of consciousness and outer space, which serves to project a science fiction like atmosphere about them. The band's first album Tokyo Space Cowboys in 1993 firmly sent them in their extraterrestrial...

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Audio Active Feat. Boss Tha MC - Screwdrhymer


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