Anzen Chitai

Anzen Chitai | 安全地帯 | アンゼンチタイ | あんぜんちたい

Name in Japanese: 安全地帯, アンゼンチタイ, あんぜんちたい

Years Active: 1973 - 1992; 2002 - 2004

While Anzen Chitai (safety zone) officially came together in 1978, their roots are in a high school garage band called the Invaders, who were active in Ashikawa, Hokkaido as far back as 1973. In their early years the group played diligently in local clubs in Hokkaido, and gathered a respectable following around the northern island. In 1978 the band built their own studio, MFP (Musical Farmers Production), and became more focused on recording. The initial line-up under the Anzen Chitai name featured...

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