Ami Onuki

Ami Onuki | 大貫 亜美 | オオヌキ アミ | おおぬき あみ

Name in Japanese: 大貫 亜美, オオヌキ アミ, おおぬき あみ

AKA: Jane

Born: September 18, 1973 (age 45)

Member: Puffy

Ami Onuki is a member of the Japanese pop group Puffy.  She has co-hosted several Japanese TV shows with the "cool" half of Puffy, Yumi Yoshimura, including the talk show Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa- Puffy, part of a morning show called Saku-Saku, and the 2006 series Hi Hi Puffy Bu, in which Ami and Yumi perform one given task each week to comedic effect.  She married Teru, the vocalist of the Japanese rock group Glay, and announced the birth of her baby girl on her blog in March 2003. Rumors...

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