Akina Nakamori

Akina Nakamori | 中森 明菜 | ナカモリ アキナ | なかもり あきな

Name in Japanese: 中森 明菜, ナカモリ アキナ, なかもり あきな

Instruments: Vocals

Born: July 13, 1965 (age 53)

Years Active: 1982 - Present

Akina Nakamori was born July 13, 1965 in Tokyo. She began taking ballet lessons at age four, and at the age of six penned a school essay about her desire to become a singer. Both athletic and artistic in school, she had a wide range interests but was especially keen on singing. While still only 14 she performed on the star search TV show Star Tanjo, but did not win, with one judge commenting that the song she sang was too mature for someone her age. She performed on Star Tanjo the...

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Akina Nakamori 中森明菜 _ Futarishizuka 二人静


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