Afrirampo | アフリランポ | あふりらんぽ

Name in Japanese: アフリランポ, あふりらんぽ

Years Active: 2002 - Present

Members: Pika, Oni

Wild, crazy and highly entertaining Afrirampo have quickly made an impact in Japan and abroad. The young female duo hails from Osaka, a city known for its lack of restraint and hearty sense of humor. Afrirampo indeed have been described as filling "a long-standing idiot savant gap on the Osaka underground scene". Guitarist/ vocalist Oni and drummer/vocalist Pika (sometimes listed as Pikacyu) first teamed up in May of 2002, when they were both still teenagers. They first played together...

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【PV】あふりらんぽ 《ミラクルラッキーガールズ》

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