Launched January 1, 2005, Nippop was originally the work of a small group of contributors connected to the Japanese music industry.  The goal of Nippop was simple - to be the world's best English language resource on Japanese music.

We got a great start on it, and thanks to enthusiastic response from J-music fans all over the world, Nippop content was soon popping up all over the web in blogs, search engine results, and industry related news.  Simultaneously, though, web 2.0 was starting to hit its stride, and by 2006 user-generated sites with fresher, more comprehensive content seemed to be everywhere.  Three guys researching and writing artist profiles just couldn't keep up.

Well, it took a while to get around to it, but the new Nippop 2.0 is finally here.  The platform has been completely rebuilt, and we've opened it up to allow any user to add profiles and stats, videos, images, tags, articles, and more.  In addition to adding and editing content, users can more easily discover artists through rankings, tags, RSS feeds, and recommendations based on the preferences of users with similar tastes.

Despite the big upgrade, Nippop's goal remains the same as it always was - to be the world's best English language resource on Japanese music.  Hopefully, we are getting closer, so dive in and create some content, discover new artists, and make sure to ping us if you come up with anything else you would like to see on the site. 

We're just getting started...